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Okta Integration Network and VeridiumID

The VeridiumID platform provides an exceptional Okta Integration Network user experience, utilizing a user’s own device to deliver completely frictionless biometric and mobile multi-factor authentication.

The Okta Integration Network allows organizations to securely connect employees and customers to applications – in minutes – with ready-to-use integrations for over 6,000 cloud, on-premise, and mobile applications.

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Quick look:
Passwordless authentication for Okta environments

Here’s how Okta customers can use Veridium for easy and efficient passwordless authentication.

Seamless, Passwordless Authentication

The VeridiumID platform does away with passwords, eliminating the costs and security risks associated with them while providing an easier authentication experience.

And by using the OIN, you can modernize your IT by adopting the latest apps, centralizing user management, and automating access. Personal information can be centralised and strong multi-factor authentication deployed across hybrid IT systems, making systems more difficult to compromise and responses to security threats faster.

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  • No more lost, stolen or shared passwords
  • Cut management and helpdesk costs
  • Improve user experience
  • Increase productivity
  • Remove one of user data security’s weakest points - the password

If you’re already using the Okta Integration Network, or are considering making the switch, speak to us today to ensure you’re giving your users, and your business, the best possible experience.

Passwordless authentication for Okta environments

Here’s how VeridiumID enables passwordless authentication for Okta.

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