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The AWS Marketplace and Veridium

If you’re looking to deploy Mobile Multi-factor Authentication in the cloud on AWS – enabling passwordless access and digital identity verification – the VeridiumID platform has everything you need to make it happen.

The rapid deployment of digital services in the fast-paced enterprise environment, including biometric solutions, places an ever-growing demand on IT teams across all industries. Public cloud providers help organisations meet this need by delivering capacity on demand from multiple availability zones across the globe.

Making the VeridiumID platform available on the AWS Marketplace allows you to accelerate and simplify the deployment of passwordless authentication to all application types, rapidly expanding operations whilst increasing usability, security and cost savings.

Cloud administrators can choose from multiple options of VeridiumID on AWS:

  • Single stack (1 node): Suitable for testing and proof of concept. This configuration is licensed for testing with one device. The Veridium Authenticator mobile phone app runs on Android and iOS smartphones and is need for biometric enrollment and authentication.

  • Multi stack (3 nodes): Three stacks of VeridiumID services offer a resilient and production-ready platform that can support thousands of users and their authentication devices (limited only by your license).

VeridiumID platform

Combine who you are (biometrics) with what you have (your phone) to deploy passwordless authentication in your organization.

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Veridium integration

Rapid deployment of VeridiumID in your Amazon cloud instance. No server provisioning or extensive application configuration required.

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In the same way the App Store brought simplicity for the distribution of apps on mobile devices, the AWS Marketplace greatly simplifies the process for businesses wishing to integrate Veridium’s authentication platform.

John Spencer, Chief Product Officer, Veridium

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